You bring your GRIT, and you'll earn your SWAGG!

SWAGG CrossFit was founded on the fundamental belief that CrossFit is for EVERYONE!  We acknowledge that over time, CrossFit has garnered a reputation of being too intense, and not for the average person…At SWAGG CrossFit we aim to dispel that myth because STRENGTH comes in many forms. Our first and foremost concern is your individualized goals and WELLNESS.  We know starting a fitness routine can be intimidating, stressful, and emotionally draining.  At SWAGG CrossFit, we are committed to helping you overcome those obstacles to be successful.  Whether new to CrossFit or an experienced CrossFit athlete - SWAGG offers the AGILITY and devotion to meet your fitness needs. We achieve this by:

  • Creating and promoting a safe and judgement free zone in order to explore your newfound interest in CrossFit or continue to develop your experienced CrossFit story

  • Supporting your GROWTH as an athlete and a member of the SWAGG community

  • Tailoring and individualizing WOD's based on your fitness level and goals (NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED)

  • Providing a supportive and diverse community and environment that prides itself on welcoming EVERY athlete and supporting you in your journey

  • Investing in an attentive and skilled coaching staff who embody and practice SWAGG ideals each and every day

  • Offering 2 daily WOD'S:  Each member can choose the workout they want to do any day/every day.  In addition, each workout can be adapted and scaled to your individual needs  

    • CrossFit WOD's for the experienced CrossFit athlete

    • Fitness WOD's for the member who wants a more traditional workout

  • Having Fun!!!  At SWAGG we never lose sight of the fact that fitness is easier when its FUN!!!

Our Programming

We follow Ben Bergeron CompTrain programming on a two week delay.  This allows us to accomplish 2 things.

  • Tailor the workouts to our individual gym member

  • Be able to post week long workouts for your convenience


“More training is not better. Better training is better”  - Ben Bergeron.

We are thoughtful about our workouts and also focus on agility, while taking every precaution to avoid injuries. 

Our Commitment

AT SWAGG CrossFit, our number one commitment is to our members.  We take your safety and experience at SWAGG very seriously and will always support your boundaries and concerns while encouraging you to meet and exceed your own goals. 


We are committed to personalizing your experience and our only goal is your success.  Let us show you how we are different and help you achieve results.

Our Community

SWAGG CrossFit prides itself on forging healthy and supportive relationships through sweat!  Our community is diverse and varied in age, ethnicity, and ability. 


We believe that our community is only as strong as its members, and its in that spirit that we always put our members first.


© 2018 by S.W.A.G.G. CrossFit